Thursday, October 25, 2007


I came back to Blogger after an unexpected break. I started doing Flickr's 365 Day project and got burnt out on updating Flickr and a blog. I eventually slacked off on Flickr too :( I'm hoping to get back to both because I really enjoyed both so it is perfect that NaBloPoMo is back in a week!

What have I been up to? I started Weight Watchers May 25, 2007 and have lost 32 pounds so far. My husband has a new job and I'm still at the same ol place. I haven't volunteered at the zoo for over a month because I had nasty bronchitis. I have taken over moderating some forums on a bbs I'm on and created a clone of Survivor set in Japan. That was a really fun competition. Started crocheting some new projects including an alien baby doll with green skin I want to finish this weekend.

Expect to see more photos here as I'm going to take a photo a day for Nov. too.


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