Friday, March 16, 2007


Yesterday afternoon Josh called to let me know he was doing an install right near my work and I was so excited because that meant I could ask him to go with me to one of my favorite places - Mitsuwa Marketplace! We met there for dinner. (Mitsuwa is this awesome Japanese grocery store w/ a food court, yum)

I had tempura and tamago (egg sushi) and some good miso. Josh had katsu over rice. And they opened up a new place in the food court called Re Leaf. It serves Matcha tea, desserts like mochi, and icecream! Woo! I had a scoop of black sesame and a scoop of lychee. Josh had ginger and green tea. The zing of the ginger w/ the mellow green tea was really really good. My lychee had bits of the fruit in it and was like a sorbet. Mmmm. We also bought some pastries and a Green Tea pound cake. I was hyper on sugar for most of the evening and ended up crashing - fell asleep on the couch watching TV. So worth it though :)


At 3/17/2007 2:04 PM, Blogger sari said...

It's always fun to go to a special meal like that.


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