Thursday, November 01, 2007

Yay It's NaBloPoMo!

Yay It's NaBloPoMo!
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I'm so excited my face distorted itself with glee!

I successfully avoided getting hopped up on leftover Halloween candy today. A few people brought candy and I picked out some twizzlers and starburst. I had my fill of chocolate yesterday. I did grab a thing of Rolo's that I'm saving for tomorrow. Since I don't have kids I don't get the fun of picking through their candy bags and taking the good stuff out.

I also "celebrated" my 3 year anniversary at my workplace today. I'm not really that excited about my job and I didn't remember that it was my anniversary until I was driving home. Teh excitement is killing me.
My Dad is celebrating his 21st year working at his company today. He's gone through mergers, moves, new management. Go Dad!

Tonight's dinner was so good I want more. I made a sauteed mushroom and colby jack omelet. I sauteed the mushrooms last night in salt and pepper and kept the leftovers. Heated them up in the pan first so they were a bit more carmelized. Nrom nrom nrom.

What did you have for dinner? Halloween candy?


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