Saturday, March 24, 2007


I had a dream last night I was running a dating show where the contestants got matched up by my agency and had their first date somewhere between their two houses. This one couple, the guy was from New York and the girl was from Iowa so they had their date in the middle of Ohio. And when the date was ending they had to meet each other's parents. I matched up this tall skinny guy whose last name was Bailey and who named all his pets Bailey with Izzy Stevens from Grey's Anatomy. I guess in my dream she was from Iowa not Seattle.

The end of the dating show showed them married w/ kids owning an apartment complex in Maine that they rented out rooms to people taking music lessons.

And then I woke up *heh*

In other news - my workplace is fixing their A/C so we have no air circulation and they aren't expecting it to be finished until MAY! So I went out and bought some skirts to wear since we aren't allowed to wear shorts. And I'm trying to rig up some ways to be cooler since it was 40 outside yesterday and about 80 inside.

Other than that things are going pretty well. I bought my first pair of sandals of the year and some new skirts and underwear the other night. I'm on a search for inexpensive comfortable short sleeved business casual shirts to wear at work this summer. Lots of the shirts I've tried on recently are too low cut or not dressy enough. If you see anything cute, let me know!

Friday, March 16, 2007


Yesterday afternoon Josh called to let me know he was doing an install right near my work and I was so excited because that meant I could ask him to go with me to one of my favorite places - Mitsuwa Marketplace! We met there for dinner. (Mitsuwa is this awesome Japanese grocery store w/ a food court, yum)

I had tempura and tamago (egg sushi) and some good miso. Josh had katsu over rice. And they opened up a new place in the food court called Re Leaf. It serves Matcha tea, desserts like mochi, and icecream! Woo! I had a scoop of black sesame and a scoop of lychee. Josh had ginger and green tea. The zing of the ginger w/ the mellow green tea was really really good. My lychee had bits of the fruit in it and was like a sorbet. Mmmm. We also bought some pastries and a Green Tea pound cake. I was hyper on sugar for most of the evening and ended up crashing - fell asleep on the couch watching TV. So worth it though :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mountain Ewww

Last week I gave up caffiene. I was having trouble sleeping through the night and thought about my habits before bed and realized I was drinking Mountain Dew at 8 or 9pm. No wonder I couldn't fall asleep or woke up at 3 am to go to the bathroom and then lay staring at the ceiling. I weaned myself a bit by drinking less and less pop each day until last Tuesday evening I just drank water w/ lemon in it.

All day Wednesday I felt like a crap sandwich. My head hurt, my face hurt and was so heavy, and I felt really tired. I think I went to bed at 9pm that night. I couldn't stay awake (hey helped with the sleep problem right away, heh)

The next day, also felt really bad but I didn't give up. Friday I felt mostly human and started to feel bouncy as the afternoon went on. No more headache! I had heard that when you stopped drinking caffiene you got headaches but I had a whole face ache. As bad as it was, I am beginning to think it's worth it. I slept the whole night through Saturday even with the daylight saving time change.

Now, I'm feeling well and I see a difference in my skin too. I haven't used as much lotion. I also feel energetic when I wake up instead of groggy. Hopefully the good benefits will stay and I won't feel tempted to crack open a can of Mountain Dew.

Monday, March 05, 2007


I'm really tired but I had to put this picture up tonight. This is Arnieta. She was born Jan. 17th, 2007. She is so curious, I was about 3 feet from her when I took the picture and she kept coming over to look at me. Her skin looks so soft and kind of wrinkly still. I think petting her would feel like suede or velvet :)

Their momma is named Princess Leia

I think everyone should get to play with baby goats at least once. Especially 1 1/2 week old goats. The one with the white ears is Muffin and she was 4 pounds last weekend and the all black is her sister Ginger who was 7 pounds. Their bodies are the size of house cats (if you are trying to picture how big they are) but with gangly legs and rubbery hooves. They are so little their hooves haven't hardened yet. When they are born their hooves are like marshmellows and when I asked as zookeeper why..she said "Would you want to have hard sharp pointy things inside your uterus? Really?" *heh* Yay evolution!

This was right before they got their bottles and after they both fell off the haybales 283 times playing Queens of the Mountain. Muffin makes more noise even though she's tinier - I think she's trying to make up for her size with LOUDNESS. And she nibbled on my shoe and pants and we are trying to teach her that pants aren't food. And neither are people fingers. Or her sister's foot. Or the wall. She's slowly learning.....maybe.