Saturday, November 03, 2007

Black Capped

Today we went on a search for a bigger litter box for the cats. They are chubbier now and need more room. I was really happy because that meant I got to go to pet stores and peruse the selections of animals I wish I could take home right now. I'd have a zoo at home if I could.

When we were at Brenneman's I saw a cute terrier/sheltie mix who was black and white. He had a sweet face and looked really calm. Then we went to Petland and checked out all their lizards. Now we have to decide if we want a Water Dragon or a Savannah Monitor.

I played with a shrieky black capped conure who was out on a perch with a Cockatoo. I had the conure step up onto my finger and he walked up my arm to my shoulder. Then when Josh was taking him off my shoulder, he started walking up Josh's arm and I took him back quick because I definitely would have a harder time reaching up and plucking him off Josh's shoulder :)

Then we went to the Mall for some unrelated shopping and I had to check out Pet Central Station and their rescue cats. I love cats that are all white but have a colored tail or a spot of color on their back. They look silly. We saw two spunky cats like that. I couldn't convince Josh to take me back to Petland before we went home. *mock pout*


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