Sunday, November 05, 2006


You would think if you were meeting someone for the first time in person that you would disclose something important like "I'm completely deaf and won't understand anything you say to me".

I met someone today that I've known online for awhile and she always said she had "some hearing loss". So I go to her house w/ another friend and we're sitting there listening to her talk and talk and talk about their dog and I tried to say stuff and she didn't respond to anything I said, just ignored me and kept talking. Then I asked to use their bathroom and she shook their head no and shrugged. I was getting pretty pissed off until her husband came into the room and started finger spelling and using sign language. At that point, my friend started signing because she knew a bit and they had a conversation in sign while I just sat there. And at lunch she was on her Sidekick the whole time we were eating. Just awkward all around.

Why couldn't she say "I am deaf and only lip read and read sign and can't hear anything you say so please face towards me while talking."? It would have taken just a moment when we walked in. Instead, no one acknowledged that she couldn't understand me and I sat there in silence as other people had a conversation I was left out of completely. It sucked - why have me drive all the way there to visit if we can't have a visit?



At 11/10/2006 12:06 AM, Anonymous sweetisu said...

Umm that's kinda weird to leave something that important out. Perhaps she's so used to having everyone know the facts that she didn't think to tell it to new people she meets?! I would be upset too!


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