Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Owl

Last year I decided I wanted to start a website highlighting wierd things I liked or selling items I made. It took me weeks to come up with a name that wasn't taken or sounded too creepy or too precious. I started brainstorming and ended up listing all the animals I like visiting when I'm working at the zoo. First one was the owls in the Swamp exhibit. They are mostly cute and calm but when they are pissed off, you know it. Kind of like me *heh*

My husband once pointed out that the owls looked like they are going to bite your face if you get too close, like really angry when they puffed all their feathers up sitting on their perch. I said they were merely disgruntled and voila - Disgruntled_Owl. I'm still looking for that perfect disgruntled owl image... I have about 20 in my iPhoto library. I want to make a logo next. I used to be all hyper about the cute little fuzzy adorable baby animals at the zoo but now I bond more with the ones that are kind of standoffish or calm or slightly...let's use the word again... disgruntled. They seem more interesting than the rabbit or the geckos that everyone goes squeeeee over when they see them.

Every other weekend I go to the zoo and do programs with the kids, get to take some of the animals out of their enclosures and I am trying to get put on the rotation for the armadillo next. He can be a spaz, running back and forth and back and forth in his area but it's only because he's bored or neurotic. He's pretty funny when he notices you are coming towards the enclosures door. The kids think he looks like he's made of rocks and no one really wants to pet him. Poor left out neurotic armadillo.

Okay you know you need to go to bed when you start out trying to explain why you came up with your blog name and you end up talking about armadillos :) Good night.


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